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Early Intervention

Hakeem is 22 months old and he hasn’t started stringing two words together. I have to be honest, I was quite worried. I see kids his age already communicating with two or more words. So I looked it up.. In my first rounds of research, call it selective reading but, all I could read was that they should be talking at this age and that a lot of mummies have gone for early intervention for their late-talking babies and that it had helped immensely.

So being a mom, I panicked a bit. First thing I did was contact my cousin who is knowledgable in early intervention and asked for therapists’ contacts. And then I shared my concern with Hafidz and warned him against using the typical doctor’s phrase, “Should be okay tu..” even though I know that might be true. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, he heeded my warning and started formulating a plan with me. He said that we should wait until he is two years old before we take Hakeem to the developmental delays clinic to get his speech assessed. We also decided that we need to spend more time and interact with him instead of merely being in the same room with us on our respective laptops all the time! Oh and also to severely cut down on TV (the so called “one-eyed babysitter”) time. Hafidz came home with these new educational tools!

All from Icklebooks! 🙂

Hakeem of course got down to it straight away!

And I also got a reply from my cousin who also assured me that 22 months is a bit too young to tell especially for a boy. She also advised that as long as he is receptive and understands what we are telling him, he should be fine and that he’ll talk soon. She thinks maybe Hakeem is just a quiet person or more of a thinker personality wise and I think she may be right!

Anyways, I shouldn’t have worried so much because he’s not even two years old so he shouldn’t be expected to pronounce words correctly yet. And plus, all babies are different and most of the babies I’ve compared him to are girls (like his Kaka Aisya!) and they say girls talk a lot sooner than boys (we really start early, don’t we?).

And anyways, as soon as we taught him all his new flashcards and read him his books and started spending more time interacting with him, he suddenly became all talkative and bibiran!


Zoo Train

I was thinking of doing a review on Hakeem’s favourite iPad apps but who can do it better than the kid himself! Here’s Hakeem playing Zoo Train. 🙂

22 months!

I can’t believe Hakeem is 22 months. Like, I literally do not believe he’s 22 months until recently! For the past few weeks, every time someone asks me how old Hakeem is I’d say, “Oh he’s about 18 months, coming to 20.”

But he’s 22 months – that’s two months shy from turning two! Gosh! But what a shame I haven’t been keeping a record of all his milestones and development stages. 😥 I blame work. But nevermind, I shan’t dwell on the past. Here’s what he’s been doing these days:

  • He’s able to drink from a straw! And what a relief this is. I blame myself for him learning this skill so late in his life because I’m very antsy when he gets messy (hey that rhymes!) so I don’t give him enough chances really to learn to drink from a straw. But he’s got it down to a tee now and life instantly got much easier. 🙂
  • He is very active and is much braver now. When we say “Jungle Gym” his eyes light up. He loves it there because he gets to be as rowdy as he wants to be.
  • He watches movies like Spiderman and Rango.
  • He navigates through the iPad like a pro and is able to solve puzzles on his own.
  • He also hijacks all our gadgets, like our iPhones, Hafidz’s Nintendo DS and others.
  • His most favourite things in the world are animals. He has about a million animal toys. He knows African jungle animals like Springbok and Wildebeest – god knows what those are!
We realised we’ve been so slack in teaching him new things – like names of body parts and such. So the other night, I decided to crack open the flashcards we bought for him in UK and started teaching him from scratch what they are.